Tuesday, August 7, 2012

#342. Cabaret Voltaire, 36 Blair St, Edinburgh

This live music bar is Fringe venue #338 and open until 5AM. This might explain why they were sold out of all their beer except Tennents. Fortunately they had bottles of Innis & Gunn, my new goto beer when there are no cask ales or some other tap dysfunction.

Cabaret Voltaire is trying too hard. You can always tell when a bar is trying too hard when it is playing James Brown, or has a bicycle hung on the wall adorned with Christmas lights. This pub suffers both afflictions, not to mention the mismatched furniture and kitchen utensils hanging from the ceiling above the bar. Perhaps, given their name, they think it is Dadaist, but to me it feels like an irony of hipsters had a design orgy.

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Brian said...


Have you tried the Innis & Gunn Rum Cask yet? I enjoyed a bottle this weekend and do recommend it.