Monday, August 6, 2012

#339. Innis & Gunn, 32 Potterrow, Edinburgh

Officially called Innis & Gunn at 32 Potterrow, this welcome replacement for the underwhelming Room @ 34 has perhaps the best taste and local beer selection in all of the capital. Under the same ownership as 56 North, this pub is not owned by the brewery that bears its name. Rather, the proprietors recognize a good brand and a great beer when they see one and have entered into a licensing agreement with the local brewery.

I had just enjoyed an Innis & Gunn at their other pub down the road, so I opted for the delicious Black Ball Stout, the Williams Bros. Scottish answer to Guinness. Just in time for the Festival, this popup bar (i.e., they are testing the market to see whether or not it will become permanent) will likely do a very good business all month long.

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