Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#332. Leslie's Bar, 47 Ratcliffe Terr, Edinburgh

This pub is amazing. It must be seen to be fully appreciated, as I'm afraid my photos do not do it justice. The beer selection was good, too. I had an Alechemy 5isters, and Liney-boy had a Coulsons Edinburgh Pale Ale.

Here is something you'd never see back home:

I think the fundamental difference between the UK and Canada is that the UK doesn't let a few bad apples spoil the fun for everyone else. Instead, they hold the bad apples accountable by revoking their privileges and publicly naming and shaming them. Whether it be for riding the train without a fare, trying to pass bad cheques at Tesco, or acting like a fucktard at the local, the Brits simply arrest those who are unable to handle the responsibility of adulthood. Closed circuit television cameras are everywhere in public and used to identify and apprehend those who choose to engage in so-called anti-social behaviour. Alternatively, our approach in Canada seems predicated on the notion that nobody can be trusted to behave, so we must clamp down on any freedoms that could possibly result in unwanted noise or behaviour. In other words, as soon as a bad apple emerges, the solution is to enact a new bylaw that restricts the environment that led to the anti-social behaviour in the first place. Canadians also seem to have some rather bizarre notions regarding their right to privacy, and often confuse rights with privileges.

Please don't extrapolate what I'm saying here as support for your own Libertarian anarchist nut-job ideals. I firmly believe that the role of government is to promote equality and desired social outcomes through taxation and incentives. I think it should be possible to achieve those goals while still trusting each other to have some fun.

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