Saturday, July 28, 2012

#321. Rutland Bar, 1 Rutland St, Edinburgh

Tram construction in front of the Rutland.
On my way here I stopped at an ATM to get more cash. A homeless man huddled on the sidewalk asked if I had any change. I checked my pockets and apologized. He said thanks anyway and wished me a good evening. I am always amazed at how courteous the panhandlers in this city tend to be, and how often you will see a fellow citizen crouched down in conversation with them in what appears to be a sincere act of caring. I took my bills from the bank machine and gave him a £10 note. His initial shock quickly abated as he shook my hand and smiled and thanked me profusely. Any problems I might be having pale in comparison.

My intention was to try Harry's Bar on Randolph Place, but it was packed. The Rutland is where I end up, and after waiting for 15 minutes at my cowhide barstool I am finally served a Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted (delicious) for £4.50 (not delicious).

This is mostly a cocktails and be seen kind of crowd.

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