Monday, July 23, 2012

#311. Tempus, 25 George St, Edinburgh

The Tempus is part of the George Hotel. It features lots of ornate mirrors, leather furniture, but very few lumens up here in the seating area. The lampshade on my table is like a parody of The WestRoom.

I am on a streak of dimly lit cocktail bars, having run out of traditional pubs within a brisk walk of home. Will it ever stop raining? Belhaven Best is the best they can do for beer. The music seems chosen so as to offend no one, but in my case they have failed. It's not their fault, for I am in a bad mood, having spent the past two weeks eating from a buffet of sadness.

I distract myself by reading Wikipedia entries on my phone about algebra, relational algebra, analysis, and topology. Mathematics is a good place to retreat when one's emotional state is out of balance.

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