Sunday, July 22, 2012

#310. Sygn, 15 Charlotte Ln, Edinburgh

A stone's throw from its sister, the Sygn is another stylish cocktail bar. I ordered a £4 Guinness. The bartender was cute, so I assumed she wasn't from here. Her English was excellent and her accent somewhere between Aberdeen and Dublin. She was asking me a bunch of questions while she poured my beer (her curiosity and friendliness towards me yet another indication she was not from here). I got shy and walked away, sitting as far from the bar as possible, upon where I took these two pictures.

Sygn is The WestRoom without the big lampshades. After checking my phone for any new email, I decided to go stand at the bar and ask the bartender where she was from. Suddenly three Scottish dudes came in and used their red hair and small stature to temporarily distract her. I don't understand where their shameless confidence with women comes from. Is it Francis Scott? William Wallace? Eric Liddell? Sean Connery? Alcohol? Anyway, it turns out the bartender was from Poland (of course), and she had just finished a degree in Design at Napier.

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