Tuesday, July 3, 2012

#293. Grassmarket Bar, 27-31 West Port, Edinburgh

Grassmarket Bar isn't actually on Grassmarket. It is on West Port. A "port" is what they called the entrances to the city back in the day when Edinburgh was a fortress with a wall that controlled trade. I love the bench seating - reminiscent of picnic tables lined up at a barbecue pit in a campground or public park. There are big screen TVs at either end so you can watch the game regardless of which side of the table you are seated. The beer selection isn't that great, however. You can see that I settled for a Deuchars IPA, brewed just west of here. It is very quiet in here on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon, save for the continual stream of '90s music (Pearl Jam, Portishead, Soundgarden et al).

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