Monday, June 18, 2012

#284. Don Quichotte, Eiermarkt 14, Bruges


I hate to turn into one of those ugly North Americans who goes to Europe and complains about the price of things... but €13 for two drinks!? (Never has the interrobang been more appropriately used to end a sentence.) Here I am doing a double-take when the bartender tells me what I owe him for the pint of Zot Bruge Ale and a pint of Strongbow...


We were warned that places right on the town square were expensive, but hey, this pub is half a block removed, and along a charming road full of nothing but bars and restaurants. The patios were full, and the options were plentiful. Good times.


Midge Ure was there, too. Or was that Dave Kelsey?

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Kelly said...

district pub is awaiting your arrival and approval.