Saturday, June 16, 2012

#277. Murphy's Irish Pub, Friedrichstraße 24, Hamburg

Don't fear the Reeperbahn! I didn't know that Hamburg had such a huge and fun red light district. That part of The Beatles history in Hamburg was glossed over when I was a child. Not that John Lennon's bullet-proof reputation as a counter-culture icon would be hurt by any suggestion that he enjoyed all the Reeperbahn has to offer. In fact, the types that adore the complicated man would probably love him even more...?

Shrug... Another city, another Irish pub. I drank a Murphy's Irish Stout while Meghan enjoyed a Magners. I think we keep getting sucked into these places whilst on the continent because it is often difficult to find cider on tap. That and many of the bars in this area of the city were a tad intimidating....


Such as this one!

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