Friday, June 8, 2012

#261. Heineken Experience, Stadhouderskade 78, Amsterdam

The Heineken Experience is one of those tourist traps that people like me can't help but fall into: a Disneyesque tour through the history of a local, major brewery with the goal of making you feel good about consuming their product. Unfortunately, this tour was long on style and short on substance. I was hoping we'd get to sit in little cars that drove us through the history of the brand, but the closest we got to that was standing in a "brewing simulator ride" after which we were dumped into this "bar" where we were taught about the purpose of the head (to keep the carbon trapped in the beer), why the foam tastes skanky (because it is Heineken), and how to drink it (big gulps, so you get more beer than head).

Besides this taster, our tour included two free glasses of Heineken, which we were promised would actually taste good because it was only two or three days old.

Here we see Tim using their pouring simulator to learn how to serve the perfect glass of Dutch pilsner.

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honey pie vintage said...

Haha. I am totally shocked you guys went for the Heineken experience. I did it too and was pretty lame, but funny in its lameness.

For the record I did take a scotch tour in Edinburgh that was in the "riding a little care through history" as you mentioned. have you checked that one out?