Wednesday, May 16, 2012

#236. Lochness Scottish Pub, Sedlárska ul. 4, Bratislava

There is nothing Scots about this place except a picture of bagpipers on the wall. They even have Loch Ness misspelled as one word. However, the pretty Slovakian waitress in a kilt was a nice touch (see below). The taps were all lager or wheat beer. I drank a quite tasty Edelweiss from Austrian brewery Hofbrau Kaltenhausen.

This trip through Eastern Europe has taught me a couple of things about beer (or pivo as they say hereabouts). First, that a double bock dark lager is a treat, and that wheat beer is a nice antidote to the usual Bavarian purity laws.

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Anonymous said...

Horrible staff! We waited over 20 minutes, waitress came after we asked her FEW times, when she came she was rude, a guy at the bar just stood there and did nothing, and the last straw was when they didn`t have ordinary coffe with milk!!!