Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#233. O'Che's, Liliová 946/14, Prague


An Irish bar that celebrates Che Guevara, this pub was empty at 11:15pm on a Tuesday night. But unlike the pubs in Edinburgh, the staff weren't shutting her down and kicking you out. Quite the opposite... the staff were keeping it open and smoking pot in the kitchen.


I'll never quite get the hang of how pubs in the UK don't really have set closing times. They have mandated maximum opening hours, but that doesn't mean they always stay open until then. It seems like the staff decide to close whenever they want to go home, or when they think the place is empty enough to warrant the decision. And then they hurry you out and treat you like shit for wanting to finish your drink first, even though they just poured you a full pint only five minutes before. Screw off you bunch of posers; you are in the service industry, not artists. Yes, I'm talking to you, Jekyll & Hyde.


We were in an Irish pub, so I drank a Kilkenny, while Meghan had a Magners. Did you know that Kilkenny is a brand name that was originally used during the 1980s and 1990s to market a stronger version of Smithwick's for the European and Canadian market due to difficulty in pronunciation of the word "Smithwick's"? I didn't. And back home there is still confusion: is it KILL-kenny or kill-KEN-nee? Now the beer is owned and brewed by Guinness.

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