Wednesday, May 9, 2012

#213. Vyhrevna Pub, Vrútky Train Station, Vrútky

Holy crap we're in Slovakia!

After an overnight in the capital city of Bratislava, we took the train to Handlova - birthplace of Meghan's grandmother. Vrútky was where we changed trains, and the station conveniently housed this charming pub! Here is a short video of me confirming that yes, indeed, that is a pub.

Note the New Order concert t-shirt from three nights previous.

The pub itself was surprisingly busy, and surprisingly good.


I drank my first strong Slovakian beer: a Martiner. A half-pint cost only €0,60... the same as what Meghan paid for her soft drink! This Czech-style lager is brewed in Slovakia by Heineken. Through some Slavic sorcery they manage to cram 12% abv yet only 138 calories into each bottle.

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