Friday, May 4, 2012

#209. Hamilton's, 16-18 Hamilton Pl, Edinburgh

This pub is located quite near us, down in Stockbridge. I had been avoiding it because it seemed more like a restaurant, and a bit upscale for my liking. Both of which turned out to be true.

It was bustling with the after-work crowd.

There was no place for us to sit, so we settled for the couch used by the patrons waiting for a table. At least I think that is what it was for. I drank a half-pint of Deuchars from Caledonian.

I was thinking that given the love the Scots have for all things Canadian, the pubs here should sell a nitrogen-infused Stout Mountie, made with real maple syrup from Quebec and brewed by Beaver Canoe Brewery of Toronto, Canada. They'd drink it up with the same fervor they have for Belhaven and Deuchars, and it would give the Rangers supporters a non-Celtic porter option.

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