Wednesday, May 2, 2012

#203. Dalmeny Bar, 297 Leith Walk, Edinburgh

This place was hilarious. I wonder if the hipsters know about it yet? Come on in and I will show you why they would love it here...


First of all, it has an undersized pool table, in a cramped area, for only 50p per game.


Shit gets broken because there isn't enough room to swing a cue.


Second, it features an elderly, mildly-disabled clientele (featured in the background of the following photo)....


...who all bring their dogs.


Which of course made Meghan very happy.


The beer selection was okay. I had a McEwan's 70/-, but only a half-pint. Tobi and I were expecting a long night, and had already started pacing ourselves. Linus and Meghan, the rookies, were still ordering full pints of Tennents and Strongbow. By this time, Joao had already gone home.

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JP said...

Poor Joao! Missed the best part! But thanks for the first pub Russel!