Saturday, April 21, 2012

#189. Meadow Bar, 42-44 Buccleuch St, Edinburgh

I am tagging this one as a favourite largely because of the excellent selection of indie music being played, including Bon Iver, Ben Folds, and Sufjan Stevens.
And the beer selection was good! I had a Theakston XB. The story behind this excellent cask ale is given on their website:
XB was first brewed in 1982 to celebrate the purchase of the Carlisle Brewery by Theakstons a few years before. ...Its name came not from some clever marketing expert but rather based on the more prosaic features of the Masham brewery. In the days when the only way to distinguish the contents from one cask to the next was by use of one of only two wooden stamps dipped in white wash and applied to each cask, the only letters available were either an X or a B. We could have called in BX but we preferred XB!

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