Thursday, April 19, 2012

#188. Elm Bar, 7-8 Elm Row, Edinburgh

Tobi and I tried to visit this place on my first Leith Row pub crawl, but on that cold evening in December the Elm Bar had run out of beer. This time around, with Sean in tow, I had more luck.
This pub is very cool. The flooring is a beautiful aged hardwood, and the bar is set in the middle of the room. It is cozy yet spacious. I enjoyed a couple of pints of Belhaven Best with Sean, who also bought me a dram of Wild Turkey 101-proof bourbon to cap off the evening. Our conversation was interrupted by (coincidentally) one of Meghan's drunken colleagues from law school, who wanted to know if we had any proof that Hitler annexed the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia under the pretense of protecting German nationals from persecution by the Czech majority. My only proof was that I think I once read that in the Sartre novel The Reprieve.

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