Sunday, April 15, 2012

#185. Stags Head, 2-4 Broughton Rd, Edinburgh

Today started out with a trip to Curry's Digital for some more ink and paper. I ended up buying the Wii Fit bundle! Along the way, we stopped for coffee. I think Meghan looks lovely here, despite the mouth full of hot coffee.

Then we went for an exploratory walk through the trail network along the Water of Leith. After yesterday's Dean Village surprise, we were hoping to find some more hidden gems of our city. We intended to explore Warriston, but ended up walking the trails along the river almost all the way to Leith before turning back. I stopped in at this pub while Meghan carried on home to resume her school work.

Besides missing an apostrophe in its name, this pub is missing some local cask ales on tap. I settled for a Younger's Tartan Special from Caledonian, which is not a bad Scottish ale.

That is a Tennents in the photo, of course -- not a Tartan Special. Chelsea and Tottenham were playing FA Cup footy on the telly.

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