Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#167. Swans, 506 Pandora Ave, Victoria

How cool is it that one of my alma maters, the University of Victoria, owns a brew pub? Swans is terrific, with an amazing collection of Canadian art. And they make some of my favourite beers. But the best thing about them is that it was 1:42 AM and they still hadn't made a move to kick us out.

I took the following picture from the sidewalk as my taxi pulled up to take me home. 10 hours and 42 minutes after it began, the first ever 365 Pubs in 365 Days Capital City Pub Crawl had come to an end.

Special thanks to my die-hard buddies who were with me at the end: Dave, Dugas, Crystal, Steph, and Joel. Steph bought us two jugs of Swans Pandora Pale Ale, while I regaled with stories of Bjork and Sarah.

Thanks to everyone who participated and made my unexpected mid-year homecoming a memorable adventure.

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