Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#160. Christie's Carriage House, 1739 Fort St, Victoria

Christies was the starting point of the Capital City Pub Crawl: an ambitious attempt to hit eight of my favourite Victoria pubs in one day. It started out innocuously enough at 3:00PM with Steve and Brian and a Back Hand of God Stout from Crannog Ales, who brew certified organic Irish session ales on a sustainable organic farm in Sorrento.

Christies has been my local since we moved to Carrick Street in 2009. Their beer selection is fantastic. We are out on the patio originally built to get around the no smoking bylaws. Remember when all the pubs in BC told us they were going to go out of business if the government banned smoking in their interiors? Keep that in mind next time you hear some lobbying from the BC Food and Restaurant Association.

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