Wednesday, March 7, 2012

#153. The Duke of Dublin, 9254 Nowell St, Chilliwack

The Duke of Dublin is considered the best pub in Chilliwack. I drank their own Duke Pale Ale, brewed by either Hells Gate, or Howe Sound, the waitress couldn't remember which. I was disappointed they didn't have any other local ales on tap, particularly the fine beers from the Old Yale Brewing Company.

That is my childhood friend Dr. Gord Enns and his wife Tammy, two very wonderful people.

See, I really am back in my birthplace. I came back to spend some time with my sister. I have been on my World Tour of World Class cities: Paris, London, Edinburgh, Toronto, and Chilliwack.

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Anonymous said...

Duke of Dublin in Chilliwack is NOT a pub, but a restaurant that allows minors in for food and drink. The Duke of Dublin in Abbotsford is a liquor primary establishment, rendering it the title "PUB" :o) Cheers!