Saturday, February 18, 2012

#142. Black Bull Tavern, 43 Leith St, Edinburgh

A rocker hangout, with loads of tattoos, a busy pool table, and loud Metallica-esque music playing. Too loudly, I'm afraid, as it made conversation with Tobi and Agathe nearly impossible.

The beer selection was minimal, leaving this pub relegated to the memorable category only because it was unique within Edinburgh as a boisterous, rocker bar. It has character, but no charm.

It was a very black day for us. We went to Black Medicine Coffee, Blackwells Bookstore, Black Bo's for vegetarian dinner, saw a black comedy (The Descendants), and drank a Black and Tan at the Black Bull.

In Edinburgh, black is the new black. Everything is being painted black here, particularly main door businesses and New Town wrought-iron fences. It's a good thing the sun shines so much here or it would become a bit depressing.

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