Friday, February 10, 2012

#137. The King's Highway, 72-74 Church St, Inverness

Apparently Tim Martin, the Chairman of J. D. Wetherspoon, is a Euro-skeptic. As such, he approved of Prime Minister David Cameron's December 9th, 2011 rejection of an EU resolution to change the rules in the eurozone treaty. So much so that Mr. Martin commissioned the Veto Ale to commemorate the event. Here is my pint, mid pour.


And here is an action shot of the bartender finishing it off.


The Prime Minister rejected a deal after "European leaders" refused to concede the safeguards Cameron was looking to secure for his Oxbridge banker buddies in the City of London. An analysis of why the chairman of a chain of brewpubs thinks this is a good political strategy for the UK is beyond the scope of this blog.

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