Friday, February 10, 2012

#136. Blackfriars Highland Pub, 93-95 Academy Street, Inverness

Meghan googled "best pub Inverness" and the interwebs responded "Blackfriars!" She celebrated with a victory-disco pose once we located it.

Blackfriars features a fine array of both local cask ales and ciders. We ended up standing at the bar chatting with a guy that teaches Gaelic, and later with a retiree who manages holiday homes in Bulgaria during the summer. Since we were there for so long I got to sample both truly local beers: the Cairngorm Black Gold Imperial Stout (the well-deserved 2005 champion beer of Scotland); and the An Teallach Brewery Crofters' Pale Ale. After a couple of pints of these beauties, you'll be dreaming in Gaelic, just like my Grandpa Ovans used to.

Meghan tried the Thistly Cross, but it wasn't bubbly nor strong enough for her liking.

This pub is for sale. You should buy it.

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