Sunday, January 29, 2012

#124. The Globe Inn, 56 High St, Dumfries

It turns out that Dumfries is all about Robert Burns, as The Bard of Ayrshire lived here for a time.


Established in 1610, this pub has long been associated with Robbie Burns. In 1796, Burns wrote:
"... the Globe Tavern here, which these many years has been my Howff ...".
To which I retort, what the hell is a Howff? I suspect he meant house. Let's go inside, shall we?


Celtic was struggling with some team of amateurs from Falkirk, and the crowd of proddy bastards was firmly in support of the latter. Here I am engrossed in the footy.


The bar served a good selection of beers, and I sampled a Criffel IPA from Sulwath Brewers of strangely enough Kirkcudbright.


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