Sunday, January 15, 2012

#116. Brew Dog, 143 Cowgate, Edinburgh

The first thing you see upon entering this brewery of "beer for punks" is the following list of omissions:

No Football.
No Shots.
No Stella.

How can you not love these guys? I suspect these Nos are a warning shot across the bow of any unsuspecting Lager Boys and their accompanying Labia Brigade that may inadvertently stumble over from next door.

Brew Dog have made quite a name for themselves through an innovative branding strategy that includes selling extremely strong beer. To fund their growth, they undertook a private round of equity financing by selling shares in the company online to their customers, rewarding subscribers with a lifetime discount on their product. Pure marketing genius that I expect to see copied by the likes of Phillips back home.

As for the beer, the pub offers a huge choice of craft-brewed ales. I asked for the strongest, and for £3.50 I was served a dixie-cup sized portion of the Paradox Imperial Stout, 15% abv, as pictured.

If this is beer for punks, it occurs to me that my book is "programming for punks." I was never a fan of punk as a facile outlet for anarchy, violence-as-fashion, and gobbing on television, but there is something about the intellectual left-wing angst of bands like Gang of Four that led me to embrace the punk aesthetic.

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