Thursday, December 22, 2011

#94. Smithie's Ale House, 49-51 Eyre Pl, Edinburgh

Linus and I joined Birgit on quiz night at this charming local tavern. Linus tried to order food upon our arrival as he'd just got off shift from Pizza Hut. Alas, Smithie's is such a traditional pub they only serve toasties (that's a toasted cheese and relish sandwich). I remember quite liking the toastie during my first trip to Scotland back in 1990, but Linus couldn't be arsed and off he went to get a take-away fish supper from the nearby chippy.

It was crowded, as you can see from this photo. We had trouble hearing the quiz host above the oblivious din of those in attendance to watch the fitba on the telly.

We competed as team "Rammstein Amandeep," and would ultimately finish in second-to-last place. Our beverage of choice was the Inveralmond Brewery's Ossian Pale Ale, a beer that I had sampled before whilst at Sandy Bell's. I seemed to enjoy it more this time around. But then, your third pint always tastes great, no matter what it is.

At the table next to us was a quiz team by the name of "An Englishman, Scotsman, and a Bloody American." The Scotsman was actually half Irish, a Ph.D. in Astronomy, and a woman. It is not uncommon on a night out in Edinburgh to encounter someone who fancies ale, whiskey, pub quizzes, and has a doctorate. The two dudes rounding out her side - the Englishman and the American - were likewise graduate-schooled, unpretentious, and fun. I greatly enjoy this aspect of life in Edinburgh.

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