Sunday, December 18, 2011

#92. The Windsor Buffet, 45 Elm Row, Edinburgh

We were waiting for Linus to join us (after he completed another successful shift as self-proclaimed "salad bitch" for the North Bridge Pizza Hut), so we had time for two drinks. I had two good Scottish beers (ales as Tobi kept correcting me, since only the lager they brew in Bavaria according to some purity law is allowed to be called beer): a Three Wise Men from Stewart's, and a Cart Noir brewed by Kelburn in Glasgow. Kelburn can be hit and miss with me, but this porter was a definite hit. I bought one for Brian, the Scotsman pictured here next to Tobi, who regaled us with stories of his career driving a fire truck in Edinburgh.

At some magical moment during my conversation with Brian, my brain phase transitioned to a place where I found myself speaking with a perfect Scots dialect. At least I think I was... might have been the beer goggles. Sorry, ale goggles.

The Windsor Buffer is a cracking good pub, and definitely my favourite of our crawl along Leith Walk.

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