Saturday, December 10, 2011

#86. Bert's Bar, 29 William St, Edinburgh

Our first sighting of diversity in an Edinburgh pub: a man in a wheelchair was in Bert's! Though Linus claims he saw a black dude hightailing it out of Mathers after he caught a glimpse of the patrons, so it was quite a night for social equality indeed.

There's a good cluster of pubs along William Street. We found Bert's to be quite a delight, with lots of seating and the correct ambient temperature. However, we would have enjoyed it more if it were not for the fact it was full of loud, cackling slags looking for a ride. Alright, that was unfair and a bit of an exaggeration, but I wanted the chance to practice talking like a real Edinburgher.

I drank a delicious Seven Giraffes from Williams Brothers Brewery of Alloa, fast becoming one of my favourite Scottish micro-breweries. Linus had a West Hefeweizen, brewed in Glasgow, but according to Bavarian purity laws.

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