Wednesday, December 7, 2011

#83. Auld Hundred, 100 Rose St, Edinburgh

I thought this was pub was closed for refurbishment, but it turns out it just closes earlier than most other pubs along Rose Street.

The only cask ale on tap was Deuchars, unfortunately.

They really shouldn't bestow the Cask Marque on pubs that cop out and only serve Deuchars. It's a good beer, and I quite love the Caledonian Brewery, but there's so many great micro-brews to be found that there is really no excuse for not having at least half a dozen guest taps on the go.

But the room itself is aces: cozy, quiet, and warm. With Blur on the stereo and QI on the telly, the Auld Hundred is a great place to enjoy a drink with friends.

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