Sunday, December 4, 2011

#80. Jolly Judge, 7 James Court, Edinburgh

The Jolly Judge is one of Edinburgh's more famous pubs. Situated in a court you access via a Close (alley) off the Royal Mile, it is extremely quaint.


The beer selection included the fine Cauld Reekie porter from Stewart's.

This was one of those rare occasions when Meghan was along for the journey, so I made sure to get her photo.


She drank tea.

Check out the bald dude. There are so many men that look like him in Edinburgh: round head, round body, and bald. In fact, there's another one you can see in the first picture. They are everywhere, clogging up the sidewalks with their meandering, slow walk, taking their sweet time getting back to work after their leisurely lunch at the pub. The only time you'll see them hustle is late night down Rose Street as they run to get their final pints of Tennent's before last call. God help you if you are unlucky enough to impede their progress then.

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