Saturday, November 19, 2011

#66. The Black Cat, 168 Rose St, Edinburgh

A new pub, proudly opened in 2011, The Black Cat is a weird mix of chrome and wood, mirrors and art, schemies and professionals. We were just happy to find another pub open until 1:00 AM after our narrow escape from The Black Rose. After all, it was Saturday night. Yet somehow all the pubs seemed to be in a big old hurry to shutter their doors and kick the revelers out into the crowded cobblestone of this famous New Town street.

It's strange that they'll serve someone a full pint of beer at 12:59AM, then start hassling the same person to get out a mere one minute later. Off goes the music, and up comes the lights. That's fine, but please stop clang-ing that annoying bell. Note the hipster at the bar feverishly working against the clock to score that threesome he's always dreamed about.

Hey, we're on a themed pub crawl: pubs with Black in their name, on Rose Street!

Top marks to this pub for having Black Isle on tap. But they have to sell more of it; the pint I had was a bit skunky.

Meghan and I want to buy a compound in Mexico and build New Old New Town, which will be a reproduction of the Georgian tenement block, only made out of terracotta and adobe.

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