Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#54. Rose Street Brewery, 55-57 Rose St, Edinburgh

Chris the bartender (pictured here), wins the award for friendliest person from Edinburgh. Hands down. He actually talked to us and asked us questions, and didn't just try to avoid making eye contact with us like so many of the people who live and work here.

He talked with us about Hibs Football, local beer, traveling, other pubs, my blog, how he was hired for his smile, how if you drink here as a regular you get your own coaster... anything. All the while I enjoyed quite a nice beer by the name of Misty Law by Kelburn Brewery. Linus had his first Caledonian 80, which he quite enjoyed.

Here's a funny picture I found on the Interwebs of the outside of the pub.

A great first visit to the Rose Street Brewery, and definitely will not be our last.

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Unknown said...

Hi Russell,

You're fast in getting this up! Really enjoyed reading your blog, seems you already know just about everything I would've told you and I learned some extra things too!

You've been to many of my favourites (I used to live above the Standard but used the St. Vincent as my local) but I've still got a few up my sleeve.

In your area the Thistle Street Bar, Starbar & Bramble are well worth a visit. All very different.

You should most definitely venture towards William Street which has three cracking pubs, my favourite being Teuchters where you can sample the Edinburgh beer Innis & Gunn on draught.

On the Royal Mile, the hidden Jolly Judge is a must and the Cannons Gait is a bit of a favourite too.

I'll be taking an Australian friend to the Hibs game on Sat for his first visit and would be happy to bring you and Linus along if you're interested. Give you safe passage to a couple of Hibs bars!

Oh and Hibs are sponsored by Crabbies who I believe were originally based in Leith.

Keep it up!