Friday, October 21, 2011

#44. The Guildford Arms, 1 West Register St, Edinburgh

What is a guildford, anyway? I still remember a trip with my dad to buy a new suit he needed for some special event (probably a wedding) that took us to the new Guildford Mall in Surrey, that dreadful suburb of Vancouver.

I digress. This Guildford is a very classy pub with massive windows and high, high ceilings to match. I stole the photo from their website; that's not me at the bar. The ale selection was excellent, and I had a Brains Bitter. This was my first Brains since our visit to Cardiff last year.

I sat across from a guy who looked like Sean Connery. I tried inconspicuously to sketch his face. The television was all about Ghadaffi's demise. For the second day in a row, a small fly landed in my beer.

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