Saturday, October 8, 2011

#35. The Library Bar, Teviot House, Edinburgh

I finally got inside Teviot House, the world's first "purpose-built" student union building. The Scots like to say "purpose-built", which makes me wonder what it means if a structure was ever built without a purpose? Do buildings happen unexpectedly? Where are the spontaneous-built places?

Built with a particular purpose or not, the Teviot is amazing. We were drinking with some of Meghan's friends from school, and one of the Germans said there is no building like this in all of Germany.

The Teviot contains six or seven pubs. We were in The Library Bar, which is spread over two levels. We were sitting on the mezzanine level, which was reached by either a very narrow spiral staircase at the end of the bar, or through a wider spiral staircase outside of the bar.

The beer selection was actually very good, with three taps reserved for guest cask ales, from which I drank Stewart's ale that I thought was called No. Seven, or 70. But I can't find it on their website. The bar staff were kept busy all night by a bumpin' Thursday night crowd.

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