Wednesday, October 5, 2011

#32. The Butterfly and the Pig, 153 Bath St, Glasgow

Back to Glasgow, a good place for me to be with Simple Minds renting space in my head of late. After lunch at Lily's (thank you for the recommendation, Lonely Planet), and a fine time at the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA), Linus and I treated ourselves to a rest at this cellar pub with the cute name. We had tried to get a drink here during our last Glasgow visit, but it was too bumpin' for comfort on that day. Today it was busy, but not standing room only, as you can see by this photo of coworkers enjoying a pint after a hard day wearing suits and ties.

I had a Younger's Tartan Special. Described as a "wee heavy" by the helpful bartender, I found it to be an enjoyable pale ale. Also according to the bartender, drinking this beer "makes you younger." Younger's (originally William Younger's Brewery, founded in Edinburgh in 1749) became an imprint of McEwan's when the two merged in 1931. Both are now brewed in Edinburgh by Caledonian (which is owned by Heineken). Those evil corporate lager-pimps haven't managed to ruin Caledonian's ability to brew an excellent beer.

We noticed on today's visit to Glasgow that people were having a more difficult time understanding our accent then we were having with theirs. We take this to be an encouraging sign that we've been in Scotland long enough to start to get the dialect.

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