Monday, October 3, 2011

#28. The Cafe Royal, 19 West Register Street, Edinburgh

A distinctly upper-class establishment just off Princes Street, this is where the Edinburgh elite come for an after-dinner tipple.

I made sure I wasn't wearing any colours before gingerly entering.

Tonight's pint would be a dark Three Sisters Scottish Ale from Atlas Brewery. It hit the spot. According to Wikipedia, Atlas was formed in 2002 by Neill Cotton and merged with Orkney in 2004 under the name Highland & Islands Breweries. Highland & Islands was taken over by Sinclair Breweries in 2006. I remember being distinctly underwhelmed by Orkney's Best, but the Three Sisters wasn't bad at all.

Downed while reading The Scotsman, I learned that public servants in the UK are not required by law to disclose their salaries. To which I say, bullocks. And double-bullocks to the fact that all politicians of every persuasion seem to think this is perfectly fine, especially when it comes to full disclosure of expense accounts. There is movement towards more transparency, starting with the 170 who earn more than the Prime Minister.

The bartender -- more mature and educated than the usual people pouring the bitter -- was kind enough to invite me behind the bar for a photo op I could not resist.

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