Monday, September 12, 2011

#9. Kays Bar, 39 Jamaica Street, Edinburgh

Becca wanted fish & chips for dinner, so we set out to sample the highly-rated fare at Iglu, a pub/restaurant within walking distance. Unfortunately, it is closed on Mondays. A block away was Kay's, a warm neighbourhood pub with a friendly atmosphere. The small interior was chock full of interesting books and board games. They only served lunch, so we only stayed for one pint before moving on.

I sampled a new beer: a Theakston Best Bitter. It was very enjoyable, not unlike some of the finest Scottish cream ales. Theakston is based in North Yorkshire, England.

Jamaica Street is the historic ghetto of New Town. It was torn down around 1965, and today is unique within New Town in that the houses don't fit within the Georgian mold of its surrounding streets. Still, as Svea noted, it looks like the oldest part of Victoria; when they rebuilt the mews and townhouses, they did their best to make it look like it was 150 years old.

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