Saturday, September 10, 2011

#7. Flat 0/1, 162 Bath Street, Glasgow

I think we just found the coolest place on Earth: Flat 0/1 on Bath Street in Glasgow, a nightclub connected to the Lucky 7 Tavern. We didn't actually stay for a pint as we were in a rush to eat dinner before the comedy show we were scheduled to attend. But it is on our to-do list the next time we are in Glasgow (soon, I hope... that city rocks).

I hope these pictures do it justice. From the outside it appears to suffer from Hipsteritis.


But once you step inside, the chill-out beats from the DJ warmly suck you in like that feeling you get when you slip into a warm bath. Here's Becca checking out the guitar on the bed.


Yes, bed. Why don't more night spots have beds?


And chairs on chains that swing, next to a diner-style bar.


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Devin said...

Very cool, Tina and I are going to be back in Scotland just before the Olympics, likely visit Glasgow as we missed it the first time...will have to keep a tab of the spots you've recommended.