Friday, September 9, 2011

#6. Crosslands, 182 Queen Margaret Drive, Glasgow

What better way to start a day-trip to Glasgow than a pint at Crosslands, the pub made famous by the film Trainspotting.


A converted church, the interior was extremely cool.


That old dude came by and tried to teach us some Scottish dialect.

On our way out, we asked a polite young man dressed in a track suit for directions to Byers Road. He actually had a Glasgow smile, which freaked us out. We thought those were urban myths.

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Stuart said...

Good Luck with this project. I was just reminded about the Crosslands a day or so ago and need to visit to photograph. I am currently about 140 bars into photographing insides of bars in Glasgow . Contact me through the blog if you want to meet up next time you are through and tick off some other bars.