Thursday, September 8, 2011

#4. Lebowskis, 18 Morrison Street, Edinburgh

Any pub named for The Big Lebowski is okay in my books, except this pub might as well have been named Gone With the Wind for all it had in common with the film for which it takes its name. Putting a White Russian on the menu and a picture of John Goodman on the wall does not automatically make you worthy of the moniker. It appears the owners neglected not only to place an apostrophe in their name, but to actually watch the film. If they had, perhaps the bartender could have worn a housecoat, sunglasses, long hair and a beard. That would have been slightly better. Oh, and a micturated rug would be a nice touch.

We were soaking wet and searching for solace in the form of bowls of piping hot leek and potato soup. Instead, we were informed by the friendly staff that they had run out of soup. They were also out of veggie haggis. What is it with Scotland and running out of food?!? I had tried to order fish and chips at The Standing Order, only to be told they had run out of fish. How can you run out of fish (or veggie haggis for that matter) when you are one of about 5,000 places to eat in Edinburgh? And when you run out of something, what is stopping you from running to the store and buying some more for chrissakes? Meghan suggests it is because the kitchens only have the little mini-fridges that are so popular here in Europe; they simply don't have refrigeration or freezing space for more than two meals before they run out. Lame. Super lame.

I had an Edinburgh Gold ale from Stewart Brewing, and it was very smooth. I resorted to a hummus and black olive sandwich, served on burnt bread.


The Dude abides.

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