Sunday, September 25, 2011

#22. The Bailie, 2 - 4 St. Stephens Street, Edinburgh

A deceptively large cellar pub, The Bailie is definitely the place to be in Stockbridge.

I sampled a Golden Sheep by Black Sheep Brewery of the Yorkshire Dales. It was one of four "guest ales" they had on tap. Weighing in at a paltry 3.9% alcohol, this pale ale was a decent but unforgettable session beer. (A session beer is anything you can drink for four hours straight without getting hammered; i.e., a low alcohol beer for when you are having a long drinking session.)

QPR were playing Aston Villa on the tube. I think QPR might be my favourite Premier League team. I like cheering for the underdog, and as a recent promotion, Queens Park fits that bill. And they play an exciting brand of soccer and have a player (Shaun Derry) that looks a bit like me.

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AETNick said...

Woah, Shaun Derry IS you, only sporting an appropriately Scottish doo, the faux hawk!