Saturday, September 24, 2011

#21. The Wally Dug, 32 Northumberland Street, Edinburgh

Another local, this 200+ year old gem was just the place to introduce Linus to Edinburgh pub culture. Below street level, the Wally Dug features an interesting mural painted in their areas.

They had multiple Belhaven selections on tap, and a Brew Dog. I couldn't decide between the Belhaven Aberdeen Ale or the Brew Dog Trashy Blonde. Our bartender graciously offered us a sample of each. I found the Trashy Blonde a bit too hoppy, and the Aberdeen Ale a bit too malty. Linus liked the Aberdeen Ale. He was surprised that we were warned that it was a strong beer, at 4.9%. Welcome to the UK, son.


With a name that means "stupid dog" it is of course dog friendly.



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