Friday, September 23, 2011

#20. 99 Hanover Street, Edinburgh

This classy pub takes its name from its address and features a first-rate interior and comfy furnishings. We loved this place. It was busy, but not crowded. There was music, but you could hear your friends talk across the table. I can't comment on the beer selection as our guests were buying, and they kept coming back from the bar with Guinness for me, and Magners for Meghan. How very Irish.

We closed the mother down. At home, when they turn the lights on in a bar, it is really time to leave. But at 99, they turned the lights on at 12:55 as a five minute warning. The added lumens made it easier for the bar staff to start washing table tops and stacking chairs. Meghan was cheered on in her efforts to chug her remaining cider.

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