Friday, September 23, 2011

#18. The World Famous Frankenstein 1818, 26 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

During our trip to Edinburgh last November, Frankensteins was one of our favourite pubs. I was really looking forward to our return trip. Here is a picture from last year, that made me declare that all the pubs in Victoria were now dead to me.

Unfortunately, this time around did not have the magic of that first time. The video screens that dominate the bar were not showing a classic black & white film of the Frankenstein gentre. No, it was DJ Night and the management figured we needed to watch music videos. Except the videos were not related at all to the music being played by the DJ. We were left scratching our head, and running for the door by the time we had downed our Guinnesses (Guinni?). Why did they think it was a good idea to keep increasing the volume of the music? There is no dance floor in Frankensteins. Nobody goes to a pub to listen to Brittney Spears for fucksakes!

World famous? World famous for now sucking tha wee bobby.

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