Thursday, September 15, 2011

#12. Bar 50, 50 Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh

Located within the Smart City Hostel is Bar 50. Part of the hostel is permanently rented by the University of Edinburgh and used as student housing. I feel somewhat sorry for the students who live there as the pub -- with its steady stream of young, international, partying back-packers -- must be a huge distraction.

Speaking of students who live there, we met up with a couple of Meghan's new friends from her post-grad programme, who were kind enough to take us on a tour of the hostel and their rooms. The rooms reminded me of a train compartment. The entire building is like a United Nations train.

Anyway, the pub was fun, with a cafeteria meets pool hall kind of vibe. The tap selection was minimal: Guinness, Belhaven, Strongbow, and Stella. We've learned that Stella Artois is considered a trashy drink in this country.

UPDATE: we spent another fun evening at Bar 50 on the opening day of the Six Nations Rugby tournament. Here are some photos.

Here is the most Scottish man in the world.

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